Urban Environments and Interactive Technologies

Friday, Sept 25, 1998
9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Bartos Theater
MIT Media Lab

20 Ames Street


Anne Beamish is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT. Her research centers on the design of on-line environments and how information technology can support both virtual and physical communities, collaborative work, and institutional learning.

Thomas J. Campanella, also completing an MIT Ph.D. in Urban Studies and Planning, specializes in American landscape history, the emerging built environments of Asia, and the impact of digital technology on the physical city. He has published in Harvard Design Magazine, Urban Design International, Places, Metropolis, Landscape Journal, Terra Nova, and Orion Quarterly.

Ellen Crocker is Lecturer in German in Foreign Languages and Literatures at MIT. She is co-director of "Berliner sehen," author of the interactive CD-ROM "In der Niederlausitz," and author of several German language textbooks.

Glorianna Davenport heads the Interactive Cinema Group at the MIT Media Laboratory. Trained as a documentary filmmaker, her research explores issues related to cinematic journalism and the collaborative creation of digital media experiences, where the task of narration is split among authors, consumers and computer mediators.

Theresa Duncan worked as a writer and editor on "Beyond the Wall," an interactive project on the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial. In collaboration with the artist Monica Gesue she produced two acclaimed CD-ROM games featuring young girl protagonists, "Chop Suey," and "Smarty." Her latest software product, also centered on a female protagonist, is "Zero Zero," a collaboration with the graphic artist Jeremy Blake.

Kurt Fendt is Research Associate in Foreign Languages and Literatures at MIT and co-director of "Berliner sehen." His research focuses on hypertext and literary theory and their application in digital media for the Humanities.

Bruce Joffe is founding Principal of GIS Consultants of Oakland, CA, which provides planning and implementation management services to cities, counties, and utility companies around the world. He serves on the editorial advisory board of Geo-Info Systems Magazine, and works on city simulation modeling games in his spare time.

Malcolm McCullough teaches in the School of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University. He previously taught at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and is the author of Abstracting Craft : The Practiced Digital Hand, and Digital Design Media (with William J. Mitchell).

William J. Mitchell is Professor of Architecture and Media Arts and Sciences and Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT. His publications include City of Bits: Space, Place, and the Infobahn and The Reconfigured Eye: Visual Truth in the Post-Photographic Era.

Shigeru Miyagawa is Professor of Linguistics and Kochi Prefecture - John Manjiro Professor of Japanese Language and Culture at MIT. He is the Executive Producer of "Star Festival," a multimedia, interactive novel about Japan which was awarded the "Best of Show" at MacWorld. He is also working on a digital narrative about the civil rights movement in the South. These projects are being incorporated into the social studies curriculum (K-12) in Boston and elsewhere.

Linda Stone is the director of Microsoft Research's Virtual Worlds Group, a team of engineers, artists, and animators working to develop multi-user, multimedia technologies for the construction of social environments in cyberspace.


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