A National Conference
May 8-9, 1998


Friday session:
45 Carleton Street

Saturday session:
Bartos Theater
MIT Media Lab

20 Ames Street


Friday, May 8, 1998

1:00-1:45   Bearings
Thorburn, MIT: Web of Paradox
Lloyd Morrisett, Past President, Markle Foundation:
Technologies of Freedom?
1:45-3:45    Changing Conceptions of Democracy
Lawrence Grossman, author, The Electronic Republic

Michael Schudson, University of California
Henry Jenkins, MIT
4:00-6:00   War in the Trenches: 
Are Online Tools Opening or Closing the Democratic Process?
Eric Loeb, Net Capitol, Inc.

David Winston, Office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives
Ellen Hume, PBS
Stephen Ansolabehere, MIT
7:30-9:30   Democracy and Cyberspace: First Principles
Ira Magaziner,
Senior Advisor to the President for Policy Development

Barber, Rutgers University
Joshua Cohen, MIT
Moderator: Mitchel Resnick, MIT

Saturday, May 9

9-10:30 am   The New Media and the Old Regime
Paul Starr, Princeton University

Response: Yaron Ezrahi, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Moderator: Karen Sollins, MIT
11:00-12:30   Media Access and Media Power
Doug Schuler, Seattle Community Network

Nolan Bowie, Temple University
Moderator: Tom Horan, Claremont Graduate University
1:30-3:15   The Agenda-Setting Function of Media
Christopher Harper, Ithaca College

Benjamin Barber
Moderator: Charles Nesson, Harvard Law School
3:30-5:00   Summary Perspectives
Roger Hurwitz, MIT

Henry Jenkins
Michael Schudson



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