An International Conference
October 8-10, 1999
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT Communications Forum
Comparative Media Studies Program
School of Humanities and Social Science

Funded by The Markle Foundation


Friday, October 8, 1999

1 - 2 pm
Bldg. 34
Rm. 101

2 - 2:45 pm
Bldg. 34
Rm. 101

Philip S. Khoury, Welcome
Henry Jenkins, Comparative Media: An Emerging Discipline
David Thorburn, New Media, Old Purposes

3 - 5 pm
Bldg. 34
Rm. 101

Childhood and Adolescence in a Mediated Culture
Henry Jenkins, Mitchel Resnick, Maria Tatar, Sherry Turkle
Moderator: Steven Lerman

5:15 - 6:30 pm
Bldg. E51
  Call Session 1

Rm. 151   Rethinking the History of Information
Charles Bazerman,Nuclear Information: One Rhetorical
Moment in the Construction of the Information Age

Oz Frankel, "Potholes on the Information Highway:
Congress as a Publisher in the 19th Century

Richard Menke, Henry James and Telegraphic Realism:
Fiction and/as Technology

Moderator: James Buzard

Rm. 149   The Future of Documentary: Case Studies
Stephanie Barish, As Many Become One
Andrew Jakubowicz, Digital Discourses of the Social
Margaret Crane and Jon Winet, Elective Documentary Fictions
Moderator: Christine Walley

Rm. 145   Performance and the Body in Cyberspace
John Campbell, Guts and Muscles and Bears, Oh My!
Constructing the Erotic Body and Queer Space Online

Andreas Kitzman, Watching the Web Watch Me:
Explorations of the Domestic Web-cam

Kurt Lancaster, Cyberspace: Shaping Participatory
Performances Through an Interface in the Blair Witch Project

Moderator: James Cain

Rm. 335   The Spaces of New Media
Constance Balides, Virtual Spaces and
Incorporative Logics in Contemporary Films

Angela Ndalianis, Neo-Baroque Aesthetics and
Contemporary Media Spectacles

Kelly Cole, Disney in Times Square
Moderator: Michael Leja

Rm. 345   The New Newsroom
Elizabeth Rogers, Audience and Online News Delivery:
The Impact of Technology on Editorial Gatekeeping

Bob Stepno, Happy Valley and Beyond:
Establishing Local Identity for Online News

Wendy Dibean and Bruce Garrison, Content Types
and Daily Newspapers: Use of World Wide Web Technologies

Moderator: Douglas Sery

Rm. 372   Changing Perceptions of Media Consumption
William Warner, Media Technology Ambivalence:
Novel Reading, TV Watching, Web Surfing

Alan McKee, Great Moments in Australian Television:
Constructing TV as an Object of Study

Paul Erickson, Help or Hindrance?
The History the Book and Electronic Media

Moderator: Suzanne Flynn
5:15 - 6:30 pm
Bldg. E51
Rm. 376


Jeffrey Ruoff, The Last Vaudevillian - A Film

6:30 - 7:45 pm
Bldg. 13
Bush Lobby
8 - 10 pm
Bldg. 34
Rm. 101

Democracy and New Media
Phil Agre, Elaine Kamarck, Adam Powell, Paul Starr
Moderator: Hal Abelson

Saturday, October 9, 1999

9:15 - 10:45 am
Bldg. E51
  Call Session 2

Rm. 372   Childhood in a Mediated World
Shari Goldin, "Inventing Citizens of the World":
Children and the Radio Era

Nicholas Sammond, See You Real Soon:
Imagining the Child in Disney's Cold-War Natural Order

Moderator: Haydn Kernal

Rm. 149   Aesthetic Consequences of New Media
Luis O. Arata, Reflections About Interactivity...
Matthew Kirschenbaum, The Other End of Print: David Carson,
Graphic Design, and the Aesthetics of Media

Maureen Furniss, Motion Capture: Aesthetic Considerations
Moderator: Edward Baron Turk

Rm. 335   The Metaphors We Live By
Alexander Halavais, Global Brain, Global Metropolis,
and Role of Communications Technologies
in the Evolution of Social Networks

Virginia Eubanks, The Mythography of the "New Frontier"
David Sholle, What Is Information?
The Flow of Bits and the Control of Chaos

Moderator: Hugh Gusterson

Rm. 151   The Value of Books
Priscilla Coit Murphy, The Death of Books:
A Short History of Predictions

Trysh Travis, Ideas and Commodities:
The Image of the Book

Cathrine Turner, Where Ideal Avenue Meets Practical Street
Moderator: Tina Klein

Rm. 145   Breaking Down the Mass Audience
David Urban, In Search of Its Foundations:
Mass Communication Research in Transition

Greg Elmer, Forced Customization
Mary Ellen Curtin, The Learning Curve: Hypertext,
Fan Fiction, and the Calculus of Human Nature

Moderator: Eithne Johnson
9:15 - 10:45 am
Bldg. 4

Rm. 231   Stephanie Barish, Survivers: Testimonies of the Holocaust
A Multimedia, Educational CD-ROM Project

Andrew Jakubowicz, Multicultural Australia
A Multimedia Documentary

Sat 9 Oct
11 am - 12:30 pm
Bldg. E51
  Call Session 3

Rm. 372   Social Networks
Paula Gardner, Constructing "Recovered" Citizens
Warren Sack and Joseph Dumit, Very Large Scale
Conversations and Illness Based Social Movements

Steve Jones, The WELL Run Dry: On the Need for
Critical/Historical Study of Commerce and Online Community

Moderator: Kurt Fendt

Rm. 149   Playing With New Media
Eric Zimmerman, Rules / Play / Culture:
A Model for Designing Play

Ron Burnett, Digital Technology,
Transformation and Aesthetic Invention

Tom Kemper, Instant Re-Players:
From Sports Fans to Video Game Players:
A Cognitive History

Moderator: Janet Sonenberg

Rm. 315   Rethinking Intellectual Property
Penelope Alfrey, Copyright and Originality in Art and Design
Arthur Chandler, Grooving to Their Own Beat:
How MP3 Technology Dynamites the Music Biz Dam

Liam Harte, Two Notions of Lockean Property
Moderator: Marlene Manoff

Rm. 335   Redefining the Screen
William Boddy, Technological Convergence as Trauma and Business Plan
Anne Friedberg, The Virtual Window
Susan Kretchmer and Rod Carveth, Through the Looking Glass:
Media Convergence at the Nexus of Television and Hypertext

Moderator: Edward Barrett

Rm. 376   New Media and New Voices
Daniel Thorburn, Prophetic Peasants and Bourgeois Pamphleteers
Tom Cragin, The Importance of Violence to the Mass
Press in Nineteenth-Century Europe

Peter Walsh, That Withered Paradigm: The Web,
the Expert, and the Information Hegemony

Moderator: Jim Paradis

Rm. 145   Global Media I
Cristina Venegas, Will the Internet Spoil Castro's Cuba?
Anandam Kavoori and Christina Joseph, Technoculture,
Ethnicity, and Indian Cinema

James Castonguay, World Wide Web Wars:
The Internet and Democratic Media Culture

Moderator: Shankar Raman
11 - 12:30 pm
Bldg. 4

Rm. 231   Andrew Jakubowicz, Multicultural Australia
A Multimedia Documentary

Margaret Crane and Jon Winet, Democracy - The Last Campaign
A Current Art and Technology Project
Rm. 237   Fran Ilich and Dan Arenzon, The Electronic Landscape
Roderick Coover, On the Rhetorics and Conventions of
Visual Media in the Representation of Cultures

12:30 - 2 pm
Bldg. E15
Bartos Theater

Sat 9 Oct
2:15 - 3:45 pm
Bldg. E51
  Call Session 4

Rm. 145   Celebrities and Talk
Priscilla Barlow, The Intertextual Tigerskin
Angela Dalla Vacche, The Diva,
The New Woman, and the Airplane

Gene Suarez, From Conversation to Interview: Talk in Transition
Moderator: David Lugowski

Rm. 149   Science Fiction as Vernacular Theory
Mark Pesce, The Novel as Software Development
Mary Flanagan, Reload: Rethinking Women and Cyberculture
Respondent: Daniel Bernardi
Moderator: Joe Haldeman

Rm. 335   Media Technologies and Museum Spaces
Jim Wehmeyer, The Virtual Museum as Wonder Cabinet
Alison Griffiths, Media Technology and Museum Display
Frederico Windhausen, How To Be Specific:
Video Art Before and After Post-Media

Moderator: Michael Fischer

Rm. 151   The Changing Face of News
John Hartley, Public Address and the Time Frequency of Writing
Robert Huesca and Brenda Dervin, Hypertext and Journalism:
Audiences Respond to Competing News Narratives

Tiffany Fessler, Newer Technologies versus Older Mediums:
Can Newspapers Survive?

Moderator: Robert Kanigel

Rm. 372   Rethinking Literacy
Edith Ackermann, Text Beyond Print:
Digital kids and Emerging Literacies

Charles Tashiro, The New Literacy Project
Phiroze Vasunia, Plato's Phaedrus and New Media:
An Historical Perspective

Moderator: Irving Singer
2:15 - 3:45 pm
Bldg. E51
Rm. 376

Jeffrey Ruoff, The Last Vaudevillian - A Film

2:15 - 3:45 pm
Bldg. 4

Rm. 231   Virginia Nightingale, To Tell My Sisters....
Margaret Crane and Jon Winet, Democracy - The Last Campaign
An Art and Technology Project

4 - 6 pm
Bldg. 34
Rm. 101

The Aesthetics of Transition: Stories and Audiences
Jay Bolter, Robert Darnton, Bob Stein, William Uricchio
Moderator: David Thorburn

Sunday, October 10, 1999

9 - 10:30 am
Bldg. E15
Bartos Theater

Digital Books, Digital Teaching
Bob Stein, The Electronic Book
John Maeda, New Media Design Education at the Media Lab
Moderator: Peter Donaldson

11 am - 12:30 pm
Bldg. E51
  Call Session 5

Rm. 145   Projects and Process
Mary Hopper, A Project About Projects:
Watching Academic Electronic Media Projects Evolve

Jane Shattuc, The Webbing Under the Film: Frontline's
Rewriting of the Text of June Cross's Secret Daughter

Respondent: Mary Beth Haralovich
Moderator: Ellen Crocker

Rm. 149   Fan Cultures
Steven Elworth, Lone Gunmen and the Problem of
Epistemology: A Place for the Fan in The X-Files

Sharon Cumberland, Private Uses of Cyberspace:
Women, Desire, and Fan Culture

Ursula Ganz-Blaettler, Shareware or Prestigious Privilege?
Television Fans as Knowledge Brokers

Moderator: Eric Schaefer

Rm. 151   Reproducing Sight and Sound
Wendy Bellion, The Mechanization of Likeness
in Early American Portraiture

Lisa Gitelman, How End Users Define Media:
A History of the Amusement Phonograph

Moderator: Martin Marks

Rm. 335   Transforming Teaching
Anna Everett, Cinema Studies in the Age of Digital Reproductions
Julia "Evergreen" Keefer, Cyberperformances
as An Academic Ritual

Moderator: Gilberte Furstenberg

Rm. 372   The Public Sphere
Jon Bekken, New Media and the Prospect for Democratic Communication
James Hay, Unaided Virtures: The (Neo-)Liberalization of the Domestic Sphere
Ingrid Volkmer, International Communication Theory in Transition:
Parameters of the New Global Public Sphere

Moderator: Stephen Ansolabehere

Rm. 376   Global Media II
Ashley Dawson, The Revolution is Being Televised
Christopher Vaughan, Expanded Vistas: New World Orders
and Mass Media at the Close of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Moderator: Nicholas Wey-Gomez
11 - 12:30 pm
Bldg. 4

Rm. 237   Fran Ilich and Dan Arenzon, The Electronic Landscape
Roderick Coover, On the Rhetorics and Conventions of Visual
Media in the Representation of Cultures

Sun 10 Oct
12:45 - 1:30 pm
Bldg. E15
Bartos Theater
  Summary Perspectives
Dialogue with Selected Panelists and Audience


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