Emerging Media in Modern Culture

picture of pavel curtis and tim berners-lee
pavel curtis and tim berners-lee

Conference Summary

This national conference, held at MIT on May 9-10, 1997, inaugurated the "Media in Transition" project. A primary goal of the conference was to establish a conversation across academic disciplines and between the academy and journalists, corporate leaders and policy makers about the political and cultural significance of emerging communications media.

The conference title aims to recall and to honor the late Ithiel de Sola Pool, founder of the Communications Forum and a pioneer in the study of modern media, whose most influential book was called Technologies of Freedom.

David Thorburn opened the conference with a brief prologue on the themes of continuity and moderation. Five panel discussions followed, in which speakers delivered formal talks before engaging in often spirited discussion with the audience. This site contains summaries of each session, but in an order that differs from that of the conference. The titles of each session are listed as hotlinks below. Brief descriptions of the moderators and speakers precede each summary.