This web site aims in part to advertise the activities of the Media in Transition project and to advance its mission by exploiting some of the accretive, hypertextual and interactive capacities of cyberspace.

We hope the site will become, among other things, a kind of clearing house or discourse space for citizens, teachers and scholars who wish to exchange ideas, projects for research andteaching, fears, visions about the dangers and the promise of new media.

Feedback on any aspect of the site or the project will be read carefully and seriously.

The site is funded by the John and Mary R. Markle Foundation and is administered by the governing board of the Media in Transition project.

director: David Thorburn
Professor of Literature
Director, Communications Forum

co-director: Henry Jenkins
Professor of Literature
Director, Film and Media Studies Program

managing editors

Candis Callison
Graduate Student
Comparative Media Studies

Brad Seawell
Communications Forum

governing board: Edward Barrett
Senior Lecturer
Program in Writing and Humanistic Study

Peter Donaldson
Professor of Humanities
Head, Literature Faculty

Roger Hurwitz
Research Scientist
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

William J. Mitchell
School of Architecture and Planning

Sherry R. Turkle
Professor of Sociology
Program in Science, Technology and Society

research and web staff :

Jesse Lacika
Undergraduate Research Student

Jessica Lin
Undergraduate Research Student

Winnie Yang
Undergraduate Research Student

former managing editor: Mary Hopper
Postdoctoral Associate
Comparative Media Studies
initial web design:

Phillip Hallam-Baker