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MacGregor House (W61)   [website]
Madrid Program, MIT
Magnet Lab, Francis Bitter
Mail Services   [website]
Man-Vehicle Lab   [website]
Management, Sloan School of
Manufacturing and Productivity, Lab for   [website]
Manufacturing Lab
Marine Computation and Instrumentation Lab
Marine Hydrodynamics Water Tunnel
Marlar Lounge
Massachusetts General Hospital
Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium   [website]
Materials Processing Center   [website]
Materials Research in Archaeology and Ethnology, Center for   [website]
Materials Science and Engineering, Center for   [website]
Materials Science and Engineering, Dept of   [website]
Mathematics, Dept of   [website]
MBA Program   [website]
MBTA Pass Program   [website]
McCormick Hall (W4)   [website]
McGovern Institute for Brain Research   [website]
MD (Medical Doctorate) Program   [website]
Mechanical Engineering, Dept of
Mechatronic Research Lab
Media Arts and Sciences   [website]
Media Laboratory   [website]
Mediation@MIT   [website]
Medical Engineering/Medical Physics Program   [website]
Medical, MIT   [website]
Memorial Rooms
Mental Health Service   [website]
Metallurgy and Materials Science
Mexico Program, MIT
Micro and Nanosystems Lab
Microbiology, Graduate Program in   [website]
Microphotonics Center   [website]
Microsystems Technology Laboratories   [website]
Millstone Radar Site
Minority Education, Office of
Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science Program (MITES)   [website]
MIT Campus Dining   [website]
MIT Card Services   [website]
MIT Coop   [website]
MIT Energy Initiative   [website]
MIT Enterprise Forum   [website]
MIT Faculty Club
MIT Health Plan   [website]
MIT Information Quality Program (MIT IQ)   [website]
MIT Investment Management Company
MIT Medical
MIT Museum   [website]
MIT Musical Theatre Guild
MIT Optical   [website]
MIT Police   [website]
MIT Portugal Program
MIT Press, The   [website]
MIT Professional Education   [website]
MIT Science Fiction Society   [website]
MIT Science of Baseball Program (MSBP)
MIT Venture Mentoring Service   [website]
MIT Washington Office   [website]
MIT Women's League   [website]
MIT World   [website]
MIT-Wellesley Bus   [website]
MIT-Wellesley Upward Bound Program
MIT/Woods Hole Joint Program   [website]
MIT150 Sesquicentennial
MITAC (MIT Activities Committee)   [website]
Mount Auburn Hospital
Movie Information, LSC
Moving Requests   [website]
Muddy Charles Pub   [website]
Museum   [website]
Music   [website]
Musical Theatre Guild, MIT