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Configuring MacZephyr 1.5.x for Non-MIT Use

If you are using MacZephyr 1.5.x at a non-MIT location, you need to have two things properly configured for your site: your Kerberos configuration, and the zephyr server to use.

These instructions apply only to the Mac OS X version of MacZephyr.

Note that:

Kerberos Configuration

If you have other Kerberos-using applications that are working on Mac OS X, presumably you have a working Kerberos configuration and no additional Kerberos configuration is needed for MacZephyr.

Otherwise, consult your site administrator for information on the proper Kerberos configration for your site, or see the Kerberos Preferences on Mac OS X 10.2 Documentation web page for information about what you need to set up.

Zephyr Server Configuration

By default, MacZephyr uses hesiod to determine which zephyr server(s) to use. If your site uses hesiod and the zephyr server information is stored in hesiod, it should correctly locate your site's zephyr servers.

If your site does not use hesiod, or the zephyr server information is not in hesiod, you have two choices:

If you're just setting up MacZephyr for personal use:

If you want to prepare MacZephyr for distribution at your site with the proper server already preconfigured (so that endusers will not have to do any configuration), do the following:

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