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Kerberos framework

The Kerberos framework is a Mach-O framework which is included with Mac OS X 10.2 and later. It provides the Kerberos v4 and v5 protocols, GSSAPI, KClient and related libraries for Kerberos ticket management.

To use the Kerberos framework, add Kerberos.framework to your project and include the Kerberos.h header file:

#include <Kerberos/Kerberos.h>

If you have code which relies on UNIX-style header files, then you can use the following header files from /usr/include :

#include <gssapi/gssapi.h>
#include <krb5.h>
#include <profile.h>
#include <krb.h>
#include <des.h>

API Documentation

Please read the Kerberos framework Version History for information on the latest release of Kerberos framework.