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The MacVicar Faculty Fellows

The MacVicar Faculty Fellows Program honors MIT's best teachers and mentors, who have made outstanding contributions to undergraduate education. Almost 90 MacVicar Faculty Fellows have been selected on the basis of merit through an annual nomination process beginning in 1992.

Fellows hail from all corners of MIT and represent a diverse range of academic disciplines. Together they form a small academy of scholars committed to exceptional instruction and innovation in education. As fellows, faculty members receive annual scholar's allowances for a term of 10 years to assist them in developing ways to enrich the undergraduate learning experience.

President Charles M. Vest announced the establishment of the program in his inaugural address on May 10, 1991: "Educational success at MIT depends, above all else, on the commitment and inventiveness of our faculty. Excellence in undergraduate teaching must be rewarded and encouraged. To this end, we are establishing an endowed program to recognize faculty members who have profoundly influenced our students through their sustained and significant contributions to teaching and curriculum development."

MacVicar Faculty Fellows and senior administration gather on MacVicar Day 2015

Seated, left to right: Provost Martin Schmidt, Professors Linda Griffith, Will Broadhead, Emma Teng, Larry Vale, Heather Paxson, Margery Resnick, George Verghese, Charles Leiserson, Tomás Lozano-Pérez, Diana Henderson, Sanjay Sarma, Alan Oppenheim, Patrick Winston, Dennis Freeman, Rick Danheiser, Rohan Abeyaratne, Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart, Professors Chris Kaiser, James Orlin (standing l-r); Professors Havel Sive, Arthur Bahr, Lorna Gibson, Cathy Drennan. Photo by Dominick Reuter