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MacVicar Faculty Fellows are selected on the basis of merit through an annual nomination process. The Fellows are appointed by the Provost upon the recommendation of an Advisory Committee, composed of faculty and including two current MIT undergraduates. Fellows are appointed for a 10-year term and receive $10,000 per year of discretionary funds for educational activities, research, travel, and other scholarly expenses.


All tenured, full-time members of the regular faculty are eligible for appointment as a MacVicar Faculty Fellow, regardless of rank or any concurrently held position, such as an endowed chair. Junior faculty members are eligible for a three-year Fellowship, which can be converted to a ten-year Fellowship if tenure is granted, with the total duration of the appointment not to exceed ten years.

Nomination Requirements:

Nominations to the Provost should be submitted to Curriculum & Faculty Support in 5-122 by Thursday, November 19, 2015, for appointments effective on February 1, 2016.

The selection process is competitive and nominations should include:

The primary letter, often several pages in length, should summarize the nominee's undergraduate teaching record, contributions to undergraduate curricula, and impact on his or her students. Successful letters of support from faculty colleagues are a minimum of one-to-two pages in length and include personal observations of the nominee's teaching and cite examples of innovation and improvements to curricula and/or pedagogy. Finally, successful letters include references to the nominee's contributions to education at MIT outside the classroom including course development, serving as an advisor and mentor, or similar activities.

Successful letters from undergraduate students or alumni are typically one page. They describe the nominee's classroom teaching and effectiveness, impact on the students, and interactions and availability outside class times.

For additional information or assistance with the nomination process, please contact:

MacVicar Faculty Fellows Program
Curriculum & Faculty Support