Welcome to the MIT Chapter of MAES

This is the place to find out what is happening with the MIT Chapter of MAES. If you have any specific questions, contact the board at maes-request@mit.edu or individual board members directly.

What is MAES?

MAES at MIT is a tight-knit community that focuses on the professional development of its individual members, offering them resources and opportunities for success, and that has an important role in STEM outreach to the Boston and greater Boston community. MAES is also known as the Society of Latinos in Engineering and Science.

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These are all the attendees to our general body meetings. The coolest people on campus, without a doubt.

Chapter Annnouncements

GBM #1: Happy Valentines!
Feb. 14, 2014


Feliz Dia De San Valentín Maestros! Join Us On our First GMB of the Year with a Valentine's Day Theme! Come for good fun with friends and great food too!


GBM #2: Talk Like A Pro
Feb. 28, 2014


Feeling not up to par with your professional skills! Come to MAES! We will prepare you for any career concerns that make coe your way. Information brought to you by the Career Development Office.


MAES & SHPE 2014
March 8, 2014


Event with SHPE. Details to Come.


GBM #3: The Current Unknown
March 14, 2014


Come to the LCC for the Third Instalment of THE MAES series for this semester. Be prepared for anything! As more details are to come. Delicious food as always!


GBM #4: Science Extravaganza Prep!
April 4, 2014


GBM #4: Science Extravaganza Preparation

On April 5. Middle School students are invited onto the MIT for a one of a kind college experience. Students work their way through a variety of different science projects with the help of volunteer MIT Students and Faculty.

Come help us prepare for the following days: Science Extravaganza. We will be creating cool thingamajigs and widgets for children to come play with and learn science!


Science Extravaganza!
April 5, 2014


SCIENCE EXTRAVAGANZA! Where we make children dreams come to life! Join us as we host our 5th Annual Science Extravaganza where we bring elementary and middle school students to MIT and teach them the wonders of the world of STEM. It will be held in DuPont and will be an all day event. Come have a fantastic time!


GBM #5: Elections
May 2, 2014


The time has come to give a new face to MAES! We will have our elections to determine our President, Marketing Chair, and many other positions. Remeber to send nominations to maes-request@mit.edu. We will have an exquisite meal to commemorate this event.


GBM #6: Despedidas
May 16, 2014


Good Night, Sweet, Old Board... At this event we commemorate the achievements of the previous board and treat them to an elegant evening. Remember to dress semi-formal to this event. Bring your memories joy, and laughter as we highlight the ending of a great era.