Maria Giavazzi


 Dissertation (MIT, 2010)

The phonetics of metrical prominence and its consequences for segmental phonology. pdf

My dissertation is an analytical and experimental investigation of the perceptual effects of stress on segmental contrast. I explore the link between the phonetic properties of stressed domains, and distribution of stress-conditioned phonological processes.

under review     ‘Stress-conditioned palatalization in Italian’, Phonology. pdf

in preparation   ‘On the perception of voicing in strident fricatives” (with Hyesun Cho). pdf
in preparation     ‘A phonetically based analysis of Finnish assibilation’ 

 Book reviews

2010                      Review of Martin Krämer ‘The phonology of Italian. (The Phonology of the 
                                World’s Languages.)’ Oxford : Oxford University Press.,  Phonology 27(2):
                                332-341. pdf


to appear            ‘The phonetic underpinnings of prosodic conditioning’ In NELS 39: Proceedings of the 39th Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistics Society, Amherst, MA: GLSA. 
2009                    Perception of voicing in fricatives’. In Proceedings of the 18th International Congress of Linguistics (CIL 18). pdf
2008                    ‘On the application of velar palatalization in Italian’. In Proceedings of WCCFL 27. UCLA Working Papers in Linguistics. pdf