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Welcome to my webpage!

I received my PhD in Control Engineering from the Imperial College London, and I had appointments at MIT and Northeastern. I am currently jointly appointed at the Laboratory for Control, Learning, and Systems Biology led by Professor Eduardo Sontag and at the Center of Theoretical Biological Physics which is led by Professor Herbert Levine.

I am interested in dynamical analysis, synthesis and modeling in systems biology and bioengineering. In particular, I utilize control engineering techniques and deterministic/stochastic dynamical system methods to understand biological interactions systemically, and engineer them to behave as desired. Specific interests include:
  • Robust analysis of reaction networks: Certifying the long-term behavior of reaction networks with applications to signaling networks, gene regulation, and ribosome flow.
  • Non-genetic heterogeneity: building and analyzing stochastic and deterministic models for gene regulation and epigenetic processes. Specific applications include the epithelial-mesenchymal transition, cellular differentiation and reprogramming.
  • Analytical approaches to synthetic biology including distributed genetic circuits, resource competition in CRISPRi, and genetic counter design.
  • Modeling and optimizing cancer's chemotherapy: Building low-dimensional models from data and utilizing numerical optimal control techniques to suggest novel treatments.
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Email: malirdwi [at] {northeastern,mit} [dot] edu

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