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I am a senior research scientist at Northeastern University. I am currently the associate director of the Laboratory for Control, Learning, and Systems Biology led by Professor Eduardo Sontag and a member of the Center of Theoretical Biological Physics which is led by Professor Herbert Levine. I received my PhD in Control Engineering from the Imperial College London, and I had appointments at MIT and Northeastern.

I am interested in dynamical analysis, synthesis and modeling in systems biology and bioengineering. In particular, I utilize control engineering techniques and deterministic/stochastic dynamical system methods to understand biological interactions systemically, and engineer them to behave as desired. Specific interests include:
  • Robust analysis of reaction networks: Certifying the long-term behavior of reaction networks with applications to signaling networks, gene regulation, and ribosome flow.
  • Non-genetic heterogeneity: building and analyzing stochastic and deterministic models for gene regulation and epigenetic processes. Specific applications include the epithelial-mesenchymal transition, cellular differentiation and reprogramming.
  • Analytical approaches to synthetic biology including distributed genetic circuits, resource competition in CRISPRi, and genetic counter design.
  • Modeling and optimizing cancer's chemotherapy: Building low-dimensional models from data and utilizing numerical optimal control techniques to suggest novel treatments.
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Email: malirdwi [at] {northeastern,mit} [dot] edu

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