6.868 Final Paper - To frame or not to frame?

Evolution with a Purpose
Manolis Kamvysselis

Motivation: The metaphor - Purpose - Vision

I. Darwin and Evolution.
  • a. Random change and testing.
  • b. Intermediate steps must be advantageous.
  • c. Co-evolution of environment and Individuals.

    II. Evolutionary evidence against Darwin
  • a. Evolution speed is exponential
  • b. Mutation rates vs. Evolution Rates
  • c. Evolutionary Bursts
  • d. Embryonic evolution

    III. Genetic evidence
  • a. Introns in Complex Organisms
  • b. Genetic Code ending codons
  • c. Existing Processes and Tools.

    IV. Functions of a Language for Evolution.
  • a. Specify mutation locations and rates
  • b. Backup and Logging
  • c. Extracting Gene Relations
  • d. Referencing Genes
  • e. Introns as a lab for protein invention.

    V. A Theory of Evolution
  • a. Self-interpreting and Dynamic DNA language
  • b. Tendencies instead of Characters.

    Conclusion - Acknowledgments - References