Manoli's Shades of Tradition - Greek Dances

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On November 29, a troupe of Dancers from Greece arrived to perform right here at MIT in front of a crowd of amazed students, professors, and dance lovers.


Introduction Book Reading

Mens Dances

Hanging out Line Dancing Showing off Figures

A story of jealousy

Jealousy1 Jealousy2 Jealousy3 Washing Washing (zoom in) Dancing Flirting The Killing Lamenting Resurrection

Nisiotika and More

Fishermen Couples Grape picking Grape eating Grape eating (zoom) Women in Red (1) Women in Red (2) Men in White (1) Men in White (2)

Dinner Time

Bringing the goods (1) Bringing the goods (2) Bringing the goods (3) Setting up the table Coming back from work Enjoying the meal Dancing (1) Dancing (2) Dancing (3) Dancing (4)
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