SA's Mini-Hunt of 2002

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On the morning of Valentine's Day 2002, candy hearts mysteriously appeared on the dorm room doors of the 13 women of Putz. Nobody thought twice about the candies, but towards the end of that spring, each of the following puzzles was sent to the girls by an anonymous z00p3r-53kkr1t 4dm;r3r3r known only as SA. The purpose of these puzzles was apparently to give the girls a break from studying for final exams, mess with their heads a bit, and to eventually lead them to a (much belated) Valentine's Day gift that was hidden somewhere in or about the dorm. Alas, only four of the puzzles were solved before everyone went their separate ways, and the gift was never found.

Below are the aforementioned puzzles (or modified versions of them), as well as some relevant correspondence between SA and the girls who attempted the puzzles. Because of the Putz-centric and/or sometimes outdated nature of some of the puzzles, I have included a some brief notes with additional hints for "outsiders," but you shouldn't need them if you're hardcore.

I may or may not include full solutions on the site some time soonishesque, depending on demand and free time. I think the puzzles are pretty straightforward as they are, and it's apparent that some of them were hastily written, and that SA is an insane, but not cruel individual. Enjoy!

The Puzzles


If you think you see any hidden messages on my website, they have nothing to do with the mini-hunt. Overachiever.