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MTN Issue 7, Spring 1992


Maple in Education
Tony Scott, Richard Pavele and Darren Redfern
This article presents some tweaked educational examples in Physics and Chemistry prepared on Maple worksheets.

Extended Functionality (Maple V)

The D Operator and Algorithmic Differentiation
Michael M. Monagan and J.S. Devitt
This article documents Maple's differentiation operator (D). It also describes code for the differentiation of functions represented by algorithms in the form of Maple procedures. This code is available in the share library (PD package).
Working with Linalg
Eugene Johnson
This article showcases Maple's tools for linear algebra, namely the linalg package. Note that Eugene Johnson is also a co-author to the "Maple V Flight Manual" which is useful for people interested in linear algebra, calculus and differential equations.


A Problem in Phylogenetic Tree Building
Gaston H. Gonnet
This article shows an interesting application of Maple applied to Molecular Biology.
Using Phase Portraits to Understand Population Dynamics
Daniel Schwalbe
This article shows how Maple can be used in the understanding of population dynamics.
The Billiard Problem
Walter Gander and Dominik Gruntz
This article shows how Maple can be used to solve a nonlinear equation result from this geometrical problem.
An Application of Maple to Chemical Kinetics
Mark H. Holmes and Jonathan Bell
This article documents their Maple package for Chemical Kinetics which is available in the share library (kinetics package).

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