Linear Algebra with Maple

Wm. C. Bauldry, B. Evans, J. Johnson

Table of Contents



  1. Systems of Equations
  2. Augmented Matrices and Elementary Row Operations
  3. The Algebra of Matrices
  4. Inverses of Matrices
  5. Determinants, Adjoints, and Cramer's Rule
  6. Application: Matrix Algebra and Modular Arithmetic
  7. Vector Products, Lines, and Planes
  8. Vector Spaces and Subspaces
  9. Independence, Basis and Dimension
  10. Row Space, Column Space, and Null Space
  11. Inner Product Spaces
  12. Orthonormal Bases and the Gram-Schmidt Process
  13. Change of Basis and Orthogonal Matrices
  14. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
  15. Diagonalization and Orthogonal Diagonalization
  16. Matrices and Linear Transformations from R^m To R^n
  17. Matrices of General Linear Transformations; Similarity
  18. Applications and Numerical Methods

Appendix A. Maple V Mini-Reference

Appendix B. User-Defined Functions

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