Calculus Projects with Maple V

Wm. C. Bauldry, J.R. Fielder

Table of Contents


Preface to the First Edition

To the Student

To the Instructor

Maple Readiness Check


  1. Slopes of Functions
  2. Graphs of Polynomial Functions
  3. Approximating Zeroes of Functions
  4. Euler's Method and Sky Diving
  5. A Simple Growth Model
  6. Rational Functions
  7. Applied Optimization
  8. Summations: Finite and Infinite
  9. Riemann Sums and Monotone Functions
  10. Definite Integrals & Computing Accuracy
  11. Remembrance of Things Past
  12. Financial Mathematics
  13. The Catenary: An Application
  14. Summations and Inductive Verification
  15. Difference Equations
  16. Taylor Polynomials and Convergence
  17. Lagrange Interpolation
  18. Splines, I: Data Fitting
  19. Splines, II: Bezier Curves
  20. Koch's Fractal
  21. Polar Coordinates, I
  22. Polar Coordinates, II
  23. Parametric Conics
  24. Animated Cycloids and Planetary Gears
  25. Parametric Surfaces
  26. Exploring Cylindrical Coordinates
  27. Tangent Lines and Tangent Planes
  28. Lagrange Multipliers
  29. Curvature
  30. Iterated Integrals

Appendix A. Introduction to Maple

Appendix B. Principles of Good Writing

Appendix C. Sample Grading Criteria

Appendix D. Pedagogical Notes

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