Marco Cusumano-Towner

I am a fourth-year Ph.D. student in electrical engineering and computer science at MIT. I work with Vikash Mansinghka in the MIT Probabilistic Computing Project. I am supported by an NDSEG fellowship.

Previously, I worked at a clinical cancer diagnostics startup, where I developed computational infrastructure and applied machine learning algorithms for genetic testing based on DNA sequencing. During my Master's degree at Stanford, where I was funded by the NSF GRFP Fellowship, I worked on machine learning for predictive modeling of gene expression. During my undergraduate studies in at UC Berkeley, I worked with Pieter Abbeel on probabilistic and optimization techniques for household robotics.

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I am interested in developing programming languages, software systems, user interfaces, algorithms, and theory that make it easier to construct, reason about, and use complex probabilistic computations. I am also interested in probabilistic artificial intelligence and theories of cognition based on probabilistic reasoning.

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