MarsWeek 2004

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

April 9th-11th

MarsWeek is a three-day conference dedicated to new developments in human and robotic exploration of Mars. MarsWeek 2004 is the 5th annual conference to be held at MIT. Each year, selected speakers come from around the globe to talk about research and activities related to current and future space exploration. This conference is a great opportunity for students and professionals to come together and connect with those at the forefront of aerospace and planetary research.

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(UPDATED 04/08/2004)

Harley Thronson

Dr. Harley Thronson
Director of Technology, NASA Office of Space Science

NASA's New Plans for Space Exploration: Moon, Mars, and Beyond

Peter Diamandis

Dr. Peter H. Diamandis
Chairman, X PRIZE Foundation  ¤  CEO, Zero Gravity Corporation

X PRIZE: A New Generation of Private Spaceships

Grace Tan-Wang

Dr. Grace Tan-Wang
Deputy Spacecraft System Engineer / Deputy Sequencing Team Chief Engineer, Mars Exploration Rover Mission

The 2003 Rover Mission: Hitting the Road on Mars

Tim Glover

Dr. Tim Glover
NASA Advanced Space Propulsion Laboratory

The VASIMR Engine: Express Flight to Mars

Andrew Kadak

Dr. Andrew C. Kadak
MIT Professor in Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Power for Mars and Beyond

Olivier de Weck

Dr. Olivier L. de Weck
MIT Professor in Aeronautics & Astronautics and Engineering Systems

Extensible Architectures for Space Transportation

Thomas Jarchow

Dr. Thomas Jarchow
Researcher, MIT Artificial Gravity Team

Artificial Gravity for Human Mars Missions

Christopher Carr

Christopher E. Carr
Research Assistant, MIT Man-Vehicle Laboratory

Mars Extravehicular Activity: Opportunities & Challenges

Douglas Jerolmack

Douglas J. Jerolmack
Research Assistant, MIT Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

Geological Results from the Mars Exploration Rovers

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