Sponsored by Lockheed Martin Welcome to SpaceVision2004! The SpaceVision2004 Conference is bringing together government, industry, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and students to launch a new era in human spaceflight. The four-day event will focus on emerging public and private space programs in the U.S. and around the world. Hosted by MIT SEDS and the MIT Mars Society, the conference will be the largest MIT space event in decades. Don't miss out on this historic occasion!

Thanks to all who attended SpaceVision2004!

Participants will receive follow-up information in late November.

We are working to make select audio, video, and presentations available.

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About the Hosts:

SEDSStudents for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) is an independent, student-based organization which promotes the exploration and development of space by educating the public, bringing together interested students, developing student leadership, and conducting space-related projects. We believe in a space-faring civilization and that focusing the enthusiasm of young people is the key to our future in space. MIT SEDS is proud to host the SEDS-USA national meeting at SpaceVision2004.

MITMSMIT Mars Society (MITMS) is dedicated to establishing a permanent human presence on the planet Mars, a potential springboard for boundless intellectual, social, and spatial growth of human civilization. We pursue this goal through research and educational projects as enablers for both public and private space programs. MITMS hosts numerous educational events in New England, independent research groups, and the annual MarsWeek conference at MIT.

Associate Sponsors:
Charles Stark Draper Laboratory Draper Laboratory
MIT Aero/Astro Department MIT Aero/Astro Department
MIT EAPS Department MIT Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences
NASA Johnson Space Center NASA Johnson Space Center
Optech Incorporated Optech