Laser cutting

Laser incisions result in elastic recoil of the ventral furrow tissue, demonstrating high levels of tension. Video \ Soline Chanet

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Welcome Jeanne Jodoin! | January, 2014

Jeanne comes to us from Vanderbilt University where she received a Ph.D. for her work on the mechanisms of dynein motor localization.


Jonathan Coravos Passed Qualifying Exam! | October, 2013

Congratulations to graduate student, Jonathan Coravos, on passing his qualifying exam.


Nature Cell Biology Paper | July, 2013

Congratulations to postdoc, Frank Mason, for the recent publication of his paper, "Apical domain polarization promotes actin-myosin assembly to drive ratchet-like apical constriction on Nature Cell Biology." In the paper, Mason et al. show that the signals that regulate contractile forces in constricting cells exhibit a spatial organization within the apical domain of the cell. Signals that activate myosin motors are polarized to the center of the apical domain. Actin polymerization in this domain suppresses junctional protein localization, restricting junctional proteins to cell-cell interfaces. Thus, a “radial” cell polarity is established, which is shown to be important for apical constriction.


Welcome Natalie Heer! | May, 2013

Biology graduate student, Natalie Heer, joins the lab. Natalie received her undergraduate degree from Harvard University where she worked in the Reck-Peterson lab on dynein motility.


Mimi Xie Passed Qualifying Exam! | April, 2013

Congratulations to graduate student, Mimi Xie, on passing her qualifying exam.


Claudia Vasquez Passed Qualifying Exam! | January, 2013

Congratulations to graduate student, Claudia Vasquez, on passing her qualifying exam.


Soline Chanet awarded EMBO Long-Term Fellowship! | December, 2012

Congratulations to postdoc, Soline Chanet, for being awarded an EMBO Long-Term Fellowship.