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First Guastavino Vault rises in UK

M. Ramage, W. Lau, J. Ochsendorf

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Through the summer of 2005, members of the Guastavino research team travelled to St. Margaret's Bay, just four miles north of Dover on the coast of the English Channel to help with the construction of two Guastavino style domes. Michael Ramage, Wanda Lau, Luke Voiland, Meelena Oleksiuk and Prof. John Ochsendorf all worked in conjunction with English and Spanish masons to build these beautiful domes. This design was carried out in collaboration with English engineer Phil Cooper of Cameron Taylor Bedford.

The three layered domes were required to support great weight. They will hold a green roof complete with soil, grass and other plants. The design and construction of the domes drew heavily on the Guastavino research completed at MIT.