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Last modified: Mo. Mar 20, 2017
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MATLAB on Athena Version Information

As of March, 2017, here is the status of MATLAB by platform:


Default ver. (1)

Other ver. (2)


Linux 32/64

MATLAB 9.1 (64 only)

7.3, 7.14, 9.2

8.0 and later 64 bit only


  1. The default is brought up when the matlab command is used without a -ver flag

  2. To run MATLAB version 7.3, 7.14, 9.2:

           athena% add matlab
           athena% matlab -ver number
            where number is 7.3, 7.14 or 9.2

MATLAB MathWorks Toolboxes and Simulink Blocksets on Athena


Toolboxes (application-specific function libraries)

Model simulators (application-specific modeling)


Simulink Blocksets and add-ons (application-specific block libraries)

The links above are to MathWorks product descriptions. To view information on a toolbox inside MATLAB, type:

>> help toolbox_name where toolbox_name is its directory name (listed in parentheses above).

Problems or Questions?

Help with MATLAB
If you are affiliated with MIT, contact Athena Consulting (on Athena, type "olc"). Otherwise, see the other resources above or contact The MathWorks for help.

Sending bug reports
Athena users should report problems via the "sendbug" command.

Software at MIT
For questions or suggestions about availability of software on Athena, send mail to

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