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April 2012 Update: We're done! We climbed Texas's Guadalupe Peak - high point #50 - on 2/25/12. Scroll down to watch a video of our completion presentation to the MIT Outing Club. Scroll down farther for the requisite nerdy graph.


Fig 1: Our high points completion presentation to the MIT Outing Club, Feb 2012 (shortly after we finished Texas).

Fig 2: An effort graph, showing the different modes of transportation we used to reach each of the state high points. Each color represents a different mode of transportation. On the X-axis is state and time (increasing from L-R). On the left Y-axis is the miles traveled for each mode of transportation, while the right Y-axis measures the mountain height, depicted by the thin black line.

For latest updates, visit our high points blog, maintained by our Dad:

Last updated: April 4, 2012

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