EmJay Balloting At Its HTMLish Best

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  1. Best All-Around List Member

  2. Best Contest Organizer

  3. Best Critiquer

  4. Best Flame Douser

  5. Best Flamer

  6. Best Interactive Character

  7. Best Interactive Story

  8. Best List Pair

  9. Best Overall Posts

  10. Best Signature File

  11. Best TECH Contributor

  12. Best Website (for appearance, audio and content)

  13. Best Writing Exercises

  14. Favorites!

  15. Favorite Essayist(s)

  16. Favorite Poet(s)

  17. Favorite Short Story Writer(s)

  18. List Characters!

  19. List Conservative/The Bob Dole Award

  20. List Curmudgeon

  21. List Daddy

  22. List Diplomat (most agreeable)

  23. List Flirt(Male)

  24. List Flirt(Female)

  25. List "Gandalf" or Sage/The Merlin Award

  26. List Instigator

  27. List Kid

  28. List Liberal/The Jessie Jackson Award

  29. List Lurker

  30. List Mommie

  31. List Oldster (either chronologically or behaviorally)

  32. List Predator/The Wes Craven Award

  33. Mostest!

  34. Most Bullheaded

  35. Most Intellectual/The Einstein Award

  36. Most Knowledgable Techie on List

  37. Most Likely to be Published

  38. Most Likely to be Seen at an Open-Mike Reading

  39. Most Mysterious/The Hugh Hefner Award

  40. Most Outspoken

  41. Most Persuasive

  42. Most Political

  43. Most Romantic

  44. Most Sensual

  45. Most Serious

  46. Most Surprising

  47. Most Temperamental

  48. Special Guest Appearances!

  49. Peanut Gallery (jokesters/pranksters on list!)

  50. The Golden Shovel Award (best BS'er)

  51. The Parachute Award (most likely to leap before looking)

  52. The Soul of the List

  53. The Welcome Wagon Award (best welcomer)

  54. Who Wouldn't You Kick Out of Bed?(Male)

  55. Who Wouldn't You Kick Out of Bed?(Female)

  56. Who Would You Most Likely Let Babysit Your Kids? (aka The Barney Award)

  57. Who Would You Least Likely Let Babysit Your Kids?

  58. Any Parting Words?


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