Halloween Writing Contest -- 1998

Last modified: Tue Nov 3, 1998

The Rules Of The Joust (or How to be Foist by Your Own Words?)

  1. WOW: Fourth annual WRITERS Halloween Contest
  2. WOW: Re: Fourth annual WRITERS Halloween Contest
  3. Cliff Notes on Entering
  4. WOW: Halloween voting!
  5. A Call to Vote!

And the winner is (hold your breath while we slit the envelope...)

Here there be links...

  1. HOLY GHOST HIT PARADE, by Weston Ochse!
  2. HUNTER'S MOON by RG Rettman
  3. BIG BAD WOLF by Mat Ward
  4. LOST IN THE SHADOWS by Dustin S. Klein
  5. TROPICAL PARADISE? by Raini Madden

 Speech!  Speech!

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The Entries

  1. SUB: Enceinte
  2. SUB: The Haunting House
  3. SUB: Halloween: In the Blood
  4. SUB: HALLOWEEN: The Haunting of Calamity Creek
  5. SUB: HALLOWEEN: Kids Will Be Kids
  6. SUB:Resub: Halloween Big Bad Wolf
  7. SUB: Halloween: The Mysterious Haunted House
  8. SUB: Halloween: Ghostly Hit Parade
  9. SUB: Halloween Sub--Lost In The Shadows
  10. SUB: Halloween Contest--Hunter's Moon
  11. SUB: Halloween: Tropical Paradise?
  12. SUB: Halloween: The Visitor
  13. SUB: Halloween: Go away, you're dead

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