Cliff Notes Entry Formula for the Halloween Writing Contest

Send Entries to: Robyn Meta Herrington <rmherrin@UCALGARY.CA>
Click here to send a message to Robyn Meta Herrington
  1. Write a story (3,000 words or less)
  2. Polish your story (3,000 words or less)
  3. Between Oct. 1 to Oct. 15, send it to Robyn Meta Herrington <rmherrin@UCALGARY.CA>
  4. One or Two entries only...
  5. Read the Stories!
  6. Critiques are encouraged--send them to Robyn Meta Herrington <rmherrin@UCALGARY.CA>
  7. Vote on Oct. 31 (first, second, ...fifth)
  8. Winner will be announced Nov. 1st
Prizes?  You bet!  Five (5!) Winners will get handmade glass paperweights done by Robyn!