I was granted funding by the MIT Public Service Center to travel to Nairobi, Kenya and develop the drivetrain with the Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK), an NGO that manufactures and distributes mobility aids throughout East Africa.
My goal was to further develop and test the drivetrain that I started work on in the biomechanics group of the class Wheelchair Design for Developing Countries.  A copy of my fellowship proposal can be be downloaded here.
At APDK, I worked primarily with David Snder, with whom I am pictured above.  David helped me to fabricate the prototypes, streamline the manufacturing, and test the designs.  Together, we developed the figure-eight drive to its third prototype generation.  
The fellowship was an incredible experience that I will never forget.  Immersing myself in a culture so completely different from my own gave me a firm sense of perspective.  I was also given a full appreciation how small technological improvements, even those designed by students, can have an enormous impact on users in developing countries.  The fellowship gave me a great chance to take all of the engineering theory that I have learned during my first two years at MIT and put it to use designing, developing, and testing a product.