After three prototype generations, the figure-eight drive provides a reliable and cost effective system for users to implement multiple gear ratios.
The system requires approximately one hour to construct at present (in addition to construction time required for the single speed), though the manufacturing time can be significantly reduced once full production is started.
In terms of components, the figure-eight drive requires only 250 Kenya Shillings (~US$ 4) more than the single speed model.  Compared to the 15,000 KSh (~US$ 225) selling price of the fixed gear, this is not a significant increase in cost.  Compared to the 20,000 KSh (~US$ 300) selling price of the multiple speed derailleur tricycle, the figure-eight drive is a significant savings for the customer.
After additional long term testing conducted by APDK, hopefully the figure-eight drive will be adopted as the standard drivetrain for hand-powered tricycles in Kenya.