Here are some links that you might find helpful.

MechE @ MIT

MIT Graduate Life

  • The Graduate Students Office supports all graduate students on campus, and has a nice list of grants and fellowships as well as other forms of financial aid. If you have a great idea for improving graduate student life, from small to large, check out their Graduate Student Life Grants.
  • Graduate Student Council exists to enhance the overall graduate experience at MIT by promoting the general welfare and concerns of the graduate student body, creating new programs and initiatives to provide opportunities for growth and interaction, and communicating with the MIT Faculty and Administration on behalf of graduate students.
  • Careers Office has a LOT of resources for finding work, and getting advice on your career path. Visit them early and often during your time here.
  • MIT Public Service Center is a great place to get help doing all kinds of service work, from standard (but very worthwhile) volunteering to applying your MechE knowledge to help under-served communities via a fellowship.

MIT Support Systems

  • Nightline is a student-staffed peer listening service, open 7 pm 7 am every day of the school year. Totally anonymous, and have a male and female student staffer each night. Call to talk about anything, from the serious to the trivial. They also have some good links for other helpful places at MIT you can call.
  • Student Support Services provides personal counseling and consultation regarding a range of personal difficulties from adjustment issues and study problems to crisis situations and chronic distress. They also help with academic leaves and excused absences.

Don't see the link you're looking for? Email mw-officers [at] mit [dot] edu to ask for advice, or to suggest that we add a link.