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The Membership Committee is the gateway to the Working Group on Support Staff Issues and its many benefits and opportunities. Membership provides support to the Working Group by maintaining membership files, tracking attendance at WG meetings, providing nametags for all members and supplying information to perspective new members.

Membership hosts three yearly social events, in the Spring, Summer and Fall. These socials are open to the entire Support Staff at MIT and raise awareness of the Working Group. Members are encouraged to participate and spread the word to non-members. The socials provide a pleasant opportunity for support staff to meet members and discuss Working Group benefits and ongoing issues. Task Groups are requested to provide information on current projects and also contact information for each member. Guest sign-in sheets are used by Membership to follow up with an invitation to the next large group meeting of the Working Group.

The current goal of the committee is reformatting the socials to reach more support staff, and providing more opportunity for member-nonmember dialogue. Our focus will be geared towards giving the Working Group greater recognition at MIT.


last update: July 2, 2010