Videotapes of the New Technologies Workshop

  1. The New Technologies Workshop: Welcoming Remarks.
    Mel King, William Mitchell, Ivette Torres.

  2. Getting Access, Getting Service: Who Pays, Who Plays?
    Anthony Riddle, Allen Hammond.

  3. The Power and Potential of Electronic Networks.
    Peter Miller, Gregory Parham.

  4. Dinner Session: Andrew Blau, Benton Foundation.

  5. Sunday Morning Combined Workshops (A).
    Anthony Pharr, Betty Elam.

  6. Sunday Morning Combined Workshops (B).
    Richard Sclove, Gregg Vanderheiden.

  7. Next Steps: Commitments and Strageties.
    Mel King.

  8. Interviews of Participants.

  9. Demonstrations.
    Shiffer, Barros, Brooks.

  10. Defining Services: The Potential for Public Benefit.
    Emilio Gonzales.

The ten unedited videotapes are available at a base price of $7 per tape plus $2 for one to five tapes and $3 for six to ten tapes. Please make checks payable to "MIT Community Fellows Program" and send orders to:

The New Technologies Workshop--Videotapes
Community Fellows Program
MIT 7-341
Cambridge, MA 02139