Nanophotonic Systems Laboratory is being established at the University of Colorado, Boulder in Fall 2009. We have a number of positions open for prospective postdocs and graduate students starting January 2010.

Principal Investigator

Miloš Popović
Assistant Professor and GE/Donnelly Faculty Fellow

Research Overview

We are interested in nanophotonic device concepts and circuit design motivated by challenges in system level applications in areas including telecommunications, on-chip interconnects, sensing and imaging, energy conversion and control, and classical and quantum computation and information processing. We are generally interested in first-principles innovation in device design using new physical principles in photonics as well as at the interface of nanophotonics, nanomechanics, solid-state and quantum electronics, and other fields. Our research involves rigorous theory and design of novel devices and concepts, and the experimental study and characterization of fabricated proof-of-concept device chips. This calls for both focused, individual work and effective collaboration. In particular, we are interested in exploiting novel physical principles, new concepts of device operation, and establishing (and striving for) the fundamental limitations in device performance. Some of the common themes are strong, sub-wavelength-scale optical confinement, silicon and CMOS-compatible nanophotonic waveguiding structures, microring and photonic-crystal resonators. Areas of current research focus:

  • Light-force photonics: Nanomechanical photonics and light forces, light machines
  • Energy-efficient nanophotonic and nano-optoelectronic devices for on-chip interconnects
  • Novel linear, nonlinear and quantum nanophotonics device concepts

For more specific information on research projects see the research page. With any questions, please contact Milos Popovic.

Department of Electrical Computer and Energy Engineering
University of Colorado, Boulder