MISTI internships: a firsthand look at how innovation happens around the world


It was incredibly eye-opening to work at such a large player like Iberdrola in the renewable industry, as well as observing how Spain and the rest of Europe tackle their energy challenges.

Cash Fitzpatrick
Civil and Environmental Engineering


MIT-China opened windows of opportunity for me that I would not have otherwise known to exist.

Peter Jeziorek
Mechanical Engineering


It's so exciting knowing the research going on at my company has such a big impact on people's lives!

George Lee


MIT encourages students to collaborate, but it's no substitute for hands-on experience in the corporate world.

Bryan Gortikov
Materials Science and Engineering


This opportunity has allowed me access to experiencing a career in management consulting, while at the same time using my German language skills and putting my MIT Sloan School courses to good use.

Carlos Enrique Gorbea Diaz


It was incredible to work side-by-side with the people who have designed some of the most succesful racecars in history.

Reid Allen
Mechanical Engineering