CETI Applicant check list

  • Prepare resume
  • Prepare unoffical transcript
  • Fill out online application

Admissions Criteria

Any current MIT student, graduate or undergraduate, is eligible to apply. Recent alums may also apply under special circumstances. Chinese language skills are very helpful and encouraged but not required at the time of application. However, if admitted, participants are required to take a course on modern Chinese history, politics, or culture if they haven't already. (See list of MIT courses that meets this requirement)

CETI is a very unique and innovative program, so we want unique and innovative participants. Enthusiasm is the first thing we look for; we're looking for people who want to go to China, who want to learn about the culture, who want to teach, and who want to really get to know people instead of being a passive tourist. We like people who have leadership skills, have worked in teams, are responsible, and are good at improvising in unusual situations. Adaptability, dependability, humility, and humor are key traits for a successful CETI experience.

Time Commitment

We expect a fairly significant time commitment from all participants. There will be a mandatory CETI member meeting early in the spring term that all CETI interns must attend. Throughout the spring, you and your teammates will meet two or three times a month to work on your curriculum, share teaching ideas with the other teams, and learn about teaching and traveling in China. In addition, MISTI-China holds mandatory information sessions several times during the spring semester. The total time commitment for the spring averages a few hours per week.

Application Materials

CETI applications are now submitted online. You will fill out short biographical and logistics questions in an online form, and then upload a document containing responses to the short answer questions. We also required a recent copy of your resume, and an unofficial copy of your transcript from Websis (Freshmen should instead submit a list of which classes they are taking).

Admissions Process

After you submit your completed application, we will select applicants to participate in an interview process. Subsequently, the teams are formed by the CETI executive committee (consisting of past CETI participants). The executive committee takes into account your preferences for teaching location and teammates (whom you will get to know at various CETI Spring term activities). While the executive committee does its best to fulfill your preferences, keep in mind that each team needs to have at least one fluent Chinese speaker.


This application is due no later than October 31st at 11:59pm. The executive committee will read these applications and soon after notify those we have selected to interview. Interviews will be conducted during the last two weeks in November; more information will be provided after we review your application. You will know whether you have been accepted to the program by Winter break.

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