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The Student Anti-Genocide Coalition [STAND] and its partner, the Genocide Intervention Network, share a vision of the world in which the international community protects individuals and communities from genocide in all its forms, including violence.

MIT-STAND's campaigns include the following:
  • To raise awareness among the MIT community on the moral imperative to undercut or prevent genocide.

  • To obtain an official clarification of MIT's vague divestment statement. [Completed!]

  • To ensure that MIT establishes a framework that can effectively and transparently evaluate and address community concerns surrounding our investments. This framework would likely be a SCIR -- a Standing Committee on Investment Responsibility, an institution present in most universities. MIT does not currently have a SCIR. MIT's ACSR [Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility] convened last school year for the sole purpose of addressing Sudan divestment, but it has since disbanded. Instead of an ad-hoc "Advisory" committee, we need a "Standing" committee which meets regularly. [In progress]
Images to the Left from Top to Bottom: Armenians are marched to a nearby prison in Mezireh by armed Turkish soldiers. Kharpert, 1915. Darfurians civlians in Sudan at risk by paramilitary organizations, 2006. Canister of Zyklon B, an agent employed by the SS during the Holocaust, 1944. Our May 2007 Die-in for Darfur.
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