Past Events

STAND is a student-led coalition that seeks to increase awareness and undercut/prevent current and past genocides. Although the focus of the organization is directed toward the atrocities in the Darfur region of Sudan, STAND is equally committed to responding to all acts that constitute genocide.

MIT-STAND was recently established in 2007 in order to further the MIT divestment campaign from Sudan. As of September 21st, MIT announced its divestment in an Interview with the Tech. Members of STAND and Amnesty groups were greatly involved with promulgating this action. Later, MIT provided an official clarification of the former vague divestment statement, again in large part due to student pressure.

The objectives of MIT-STAND are currently two-fold:
1.   To increase awareness of genocide in the Sudan among the student community at MIT via featured events on campus
2.   To work with MIT to design a standing Standing Committee on Investment Responsibility [SCIR] within the corporation framework.

Other Resources:

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