Open House

Under the Dome

Come Explore MIT!
Saturday, April 30, 2011 • 11am - 4pm

For more than 150 years, MIT faculty and students have built innovative bridges to the future by exploring everything from the vast reaches of space to the infinitesimally small world of nanomolecules. To celebrate its spirit of innovation, MIT held a day-long, campus-wide open house on Saturday, April 30, 2011, which was also the first day of the Cambridge Science Festival (April 30 - May 8).

Under the Dome: Come Explore MIT offered 20,000+ visitors a chance to peek under the dome and see for themselves what makes MIT so special. Eyes and minds opened wide as guests explored exhibits, demonstrations, and performances throughout the MIT campus — everything from rockets to robots, labs to lasers, and solar cells to supercomputers. Visitors even enjoyed hands-on activities using the same amazing tools and technologies used by MIT researchers!

Under the Dome Themes

Guests dove into hundreds of activities in architecture, engineering, aeronautics and astronautics, humanities and arts, science, biotechnology, management and entrepreneurship, energy and the environment, transportation, and the history and culture of MIT.

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