Mission Statement

For everyone at MIT to experience God's transformative love and be invited into a community where every person intentionally seeks God and invests in one another.

What is ACF?

MIT ACF is a community inviting all to be engaged and transformed by Jesus to impact the campus and beyond. We are a community of students at MIT who seek God's transformation our lives, in our cultures, in our community, on the MIT campus, and in the world. We believe that our lives and this world are not the way God intended. But Jesus Christ came to give us a way, the freedom, and the power to make the world and our lives the way God intended.

We are a group of students coming together to learn more about Jesus in the midst of all the craziness of MIT life - and having a great time with each other along the way! If you want to contact us, feel free to email us at mitacf-request@mit.edu.

MIT ACF Leadership Structure

This year, the leadership team includes:

What is Intervarsity?

MITACF is a chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA (IVCF), an interdenominational evangelical student-oriented ministry incorporated in 1941. InterVarsity actually comes from England where the term "varsity" referred to one's school. InterVarsity literally means "Inter-School" Christian Fellowship.

In 2001-02, IVCF/USA had more than 32,000 students and faculty participate in its ministries. IVCF has 747 undergraduate chapters on 532 campuses nationwide and employs about 873 campus field staff.

As an InterVarsity chaper, ACF has staff trained specifically for and devoted to college student ministry. Additionally, InterVarsity provides resources such as the Asian-American Christian Conference, Urban Plunge over spring break, and the triannual Urbana Missions Conference (pictured on the right) for the benefit of students across different campuses.

InterVarsity also provides various opportunities for involvement in summer missions. Each summer, we send a number of people to various areas around the world through a Global Project, Global Urban Trek, and Urban Project.

A Brief History of MIT ACF

MIT ACF was started originally as MIT KCF (Korean Christian Fellowship) in the Fall of 1990. A group 10 students (including Cindy Kim, Gene Sohn, Franklin Ko, J.P. Kang, Young Park, Jane Song, Marie Lee and Esther Cho) believed that there should be an English-speaking services for Korean Americans in the Boston Area, and so after extended prayer and thought, they started an informal "fellowship" amongst themselves.

That winter at Urbana 1990, a member of KCF sat down with the Boston Area director of Intervarsity and talked about bringing in KCF to Intervarsity as well as the possibility of giving KCF an Intervarsity staff member. This became a reality in the Spring of 1992, when Soon-Chan joined as KCF's first part-time staff worker.

The fellowship grew steadily, and in 2000, the name of KCF was changed to ACF (Asian Christian Fellowship), as there had always been a good percentage of non-Koreans in the fellowship and most of our outreach was to Koreans as well. We've been praising God as MIT ACF ever since!