Community Groups

Community groups are small-sized groups (generally less than 10 people) of people who push each other to learn more about God. They are similar to small groups in that there are designated weekly meeting times to share and go through bible studies together, but community groups extend much farther beyond that. Community groups will have events specifically for the group, and people within a group will get to know everyone else in the group pretty well. They are like smaller, tight-knit "communities" within the broader ACF community. The community groups for the Fall 2015 semester are:

Name: Monday Community Group
Leaders: Aaron Zalewski and Catherine Yao
Meeting Time: Monday @ 8:00pm
Meeting Location: East Campus

Name: Tuesday Community Group
Leaders: Benji Lin and Amy Fang
Meeting Time: Tuesday @ 8:00pm
Meeting Location: McCormick

Name: Wednesday Community Group
Leaders: Hannah Huynh and Jessie Chi
Meeting Time: Wednesday @ 9:00pm
Meeting Location: Baker

Name: Thursday Community Group
Leaders: Erin Hong and Oliver Ren
Meeting Time: Thursday @ 9:00pm
Meeting Location: Pi Phi

Prayer Group

Each week we gather together to pray for ACF, MIT, and anything else that our members bring up during the meeting. We believe that God hears and answers our prayers.

Leader: Christina Lee

Large Groups

Every other Friday we will be holding Large Groups where the whole fellowship can come together. Each large group typically starts with worship and an icebreaker, and features a speaker who will talk about a particular topic. Afterwards, the fellowship usually goes out for an "after large-group activity" (ALGA).

Also, once a month our Large Group will be a joint MIT All-Intervarsity large group, where all the Intervarsity groups at MIT will be joining for one extra-large large group! This includes MIT ACF, MIT IV (multiethnic), and Greek-IV.

Keep a lookout on the Upcoming Events page for when/where the next large group is and what it will be about!


MIT ACF traditionally goes on a couple retreats throughout the year, and they are normally held at the beautiful Intervarsity retreat center Toah Nipi. Toah Nipi is everything you could possibly want for a retreat center. It has really cozy living quarters, breath-taking scenery, a serene lake (that freezes over in the winter so we can play on it), a tranquil forest surrounding the retreat center, the most delicious food you can possibly imagine, and great company with all your friends!

We normally do a Fall Retreat, a Winter Retreat, and an End-Of-Year Retreat. Keep an eye out on the Upcoming Events page for updates about retreats!

This year's Fall Retreat will fall on October 2nd to 4th. Save that weekend in your calendars! It will be held at Toah Nipi, and further details (such as speakers, topics, and what other fellowships will be joining us) will be released shortly!

Community Events!

We will be working hard this semester to put together a variety of community events throughout the semester. Keep an eye peeled for announcements of these events. There will be study breaks, shopping trips, restaraunt trips, and more! Apart from the formally organized events, people frequently email out about informal hangout sessions too!