Welcome to MIT Armenian Society's homepage

The aim of this webpage is to help MITAS to present to you a review of our past, introduce our present, and discusse with you our future. Please feel free to contact us and leave feedback about the webpage or the society in general. We always welcome comments or suggestions, and of course constructive criticizm.

The Purpose of MITAS:

  1. Enhance interaction among Armenian students at MIT.
  2. Promote the Armenian culture, history and heritage at MIT and other colleges in the area.
  3. Establish cooperation between MIT community and the Armenian academic community in the Republic of Armenia and worldwide.
  4. Maintain contact and ties with other Armenian Student Organizations, the Armenian community, and the Republic of Armenia.
  5. Provide educational services to the Armenian community.

The Founders:

From left to right:

Tigran Sloyan,Sahak Petrosyan,Arsen Mamikonyan