10 May,2009

The MIT Armenian Society (MITAS), seconding the Oxford Armenian Society and following the appeal of the Armenian Association for Academic Partnership and Support (ARMACAD), declares that our Society will use all the available resources to help fellow Armenians in the Republic of Armenia and worldwide with any relevant activities that will contribute to their academic development.

The members of our society will help Armenian university and high school students to find available scholarships for MIT and manage travel and accommodation arrangements once he/she is accepted to this Institute. Whenever the members of the society travel to the Republic of Armenia, they will deliver a lecture introducing MIT to local students and encourage them to apply to the Institute.

In addition, we encourage all Armenian Societies within foreign Institutions of Higher Education and all Armenian Student Associations worldwide to join this movement and to introduce themselves to a wider Armenian Academic Community with a similar statement.

The newly established MIT Armenian Society has announced as one of its primary aims the establishment of cooperation between the MIT community and the academic community in the Republic of Armenia. The text of the constitution is available here: MITAS Constitution.

We invite all those who are interested in studying at MIT and/or have any question about its admission policy to join our prospective students group on facebook and post their questions. The members of our society will do their best to fully answer all the questions of interested students.

Tigran Sloyan,
President, MIT Armenian Society | MIT Class of 2011
Dept. of Mathematics | Dept. of EECS