MIT Badminton

The MIT Badminton club's mission is to help players from all skill levels improve their play. To do this, we are coached once a week by Pashupati Paneru, a retired badminton player who has formerly represented Nepal internationally. Club officers also lead drills for players who are seeking to improve their play. Players who are simply seeking a recreational playing experience should play during the general open recreational times (not affiliated with MIT Badminton Club) available to the general public. The club is also grateful to Arthur Schwartz and Chris Lawrence for their donations to the club, as well as the Boston Open committee for their shuttle donations.

The club officers for the 2019-20 year are:
President: Jeffrey Mei (PhD, ME)
Vice-President: Shawn Chao ('21)
Treasurer: Vishal Patil (PhD, Math)

You can contact us at mitcbac-officers[at]mit[dot]edu.

Officers for 2017-18, from left: Jeffrey Mei, Reetik Sahu, Alex Ji