MIT Badminton

TL;DR: Firstly, please make sure you are not looking for Intramural Badminton, the MIT Badminton PE class, or open rec badminton. If you are looking to join the MIT Badminton club, please 1) do the online waiver and 2) pay $20 in club dues at your first or second practice. Tryouts for Spring 2020 will be at 9pm, Feb 04 in Rockwell North. Please email us at mitcbac-officers[at]mit[dot]edu if you plan on coming to this, and/or if you can't make this time. If you did not attend tryouts, you can email us at mitcbac-officers[at]mit[dot]edu to get on the waitlist; in the meantime, we encourage you to play during open rec hours. Please note that priority is given to students over postdocs/faculty/alumni/spouses if the club becomes too full.

The MIT Badminton club is only open to MIT affiliates (students, alum, faculty, staff, or spouse of any of the above). These rules are set by the Club Sports Council at MIT and cannot be waived. For members of the general public who would like to play badminton at MIT, you may find the open recreational schedule here. These hours are updated weekly, and are not linked to the MIT Badminton Club in any way.

Joining the MIT badminton club involves paying club dues of $20 each semester to encourage regular attendance to practices. Please make this out as a cheque to MIT Badminton Club OR bring as cash to your first or second practice. The club generally meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Members of our competitive team may sometimes have additional weekend invitation-only practices.

Due to damage to the Rockwell Cage floor, only players with non-marking soles will be allowed to play during club times. If you are not sure about your shoes, please ask a club officer. To prevent injury to players, we will not allow players with non-athletic attire (e.g. jeans) to play during club-reserved times.

Club Sports has introduced a new online waiver system (click here to fill it out) - please note that due to MIT regulations, you will not be allowed to play unless you have completed the online waiver. The new online waiver is different to last year's, and so all players, including returning ones, should complete this waiver online.

You will be added to the club mailing list once we receive your club dues.

You can contact us with any questions at mitcbac-officers[at]