Fall 2009 Tournament Home

MIT Cricket Club, now commonly known as MCC, which alludes less to the renowned cricketing club of Marylebone, and more so to the enthusiastic engineers at MIT and their dynamic cricketing group, will launch the Fall tournament of this year of 2009. An old-19 year old saint once said, 'life at MIT at times could be phenomenally boring', and considering this, all MCC members have ensured that they do their weekly gym-shym by doing nothing more special than playing cricket. Cricket has tied tens of people from all schools, departments, labs and grad and under-grad dorms. The recently concluded Intra-MIT tourney, has elso ensured that the game is played and represented by members from various nations and not just limited to India.
We all are pleased to form the partnership between MCC and Akshaya Patra, a non-profit organization, which runs the world's largest school meal program. Their existing programs feed over 1 million school children across seven states in India. The mid-day meal program provides children, especially girls, to come to school, and stay in school such that they get the much needed education. I have been told that for many children this is the only 'complete meal' offering in a day. Per reports, it costs $28 to feed a child for an entire school year, and with the Government subsidy of $14, the costs incurred by the non-profit is $14/child. We believe, MCC and Akshaya Patra's partnership will be a means to advertise the non-profit's walkathon, which is one of the ways the firm collects funds for the programs it executes. To support the cause undertaken by the firm, MCC has rolled out a gamut of offerings. The offerings are geared towards increased participation support from everyone, the MCC members, viewers and not forgetting the players themselves.

UML is the winner of the Fall 2009 cricket tournament held at MIT.! They have won this championship second time in a row, after claiming the Summer title at MIT.

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