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Facilitated Case Practice

Case Practice fosters skills in problem-solving and communication in general. At every session our coordinator helps form pairs based on level of experience, you are not required to come with a partner. A case takes 30 to 45 min. You will give and receive a case so one session can take up to 1h30. Preparing a case at home should take less than 10 min: there is no single right answer, just good "pointers" to structure a conversation.

Type of Cases:

Management consulting encompasses all industries/business issues. A case can thus focus on any industry (Technology, Finance, Healthcare, Consumer Goods, etc) and service (Corporate Growth, Competitive Strategy, Operation, Acquisition, etc), and frequently include brainteesers such as market sizing.


  • 1-on-1 case interview
  • One partner is the interviewer who presents the case and the other is the interviewee who receives the case.
  • Group case interview
  • An interviewer presents a case to more than one interviewee. Interviewees can rely on their teamates when short of ideas. Great for beginnners!
  • Personal experience interview
  • This is a key part of all interviews administered by consulting firms. We help you prepare with typical questions, structured answers, and feedbacks.

    Get started:

    You don't need any experience in business, some interest and common sense are sufficient. We strongly recommend however that you read about standard approaches to case solving. Reading the first 50 pages of "Case in Point" by M. Cosentino (more complete) or "Case Interview Success" by T. Rochtus (more concise) can provide you with confidence and real talent for practice. For more case material, check out the e-consulting platform.

    Find more partners:

    To find more partners you can join our e-practice group. If you add your details we ask that you indicate at least email + availability.

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