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Meet The CCM Executive Team

Email: exec-ccm@mit.edu

Amar Ghodasara, Co-President

President: Amar Ghodasara Amar is a PhD candidate in the Department of Biological Engineering at MIT where he has been developing tools for precise gene expression control for use in synthetic genetic circuits and metabolic engineering. In addition to his scientific training, he has experience in entrepreneurship and finance. Prior to joining the CCM team, Amar participated in volunteer consulting and the Harvard vs. MIT Case Competition where his team placed 3rd. He has also held leadership positions in other student groups at MIT, including the Edgerton House Association.

Mike Lu, Co-President

Mike is a third year PhD student in the Department of Chemistry at MIT with a research focus on protein-based drug delivery. He holds a B.A. from Wabash College and has experiences working in management consulting as well as private equity. Prior to joining CCM, Mike participated in the Volunteer Consulting Group.

Fangting Yu, Vice President of the Volunteer Consulting Group; Vice President of Marketing and Communication

Fangting is a postdoc in the Department of Chemistry at MIT. She received her Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. In addition to science, she is passionate about community building and bringing exceptional people together to solve challenging problems. During her graduate school, she co-founded the first campus-wide accapella group for graduate student – the GradTONES (Graduate Troupe of Needless Educated Singers), which has become one of the most acclaimed graduate student organizations at the University of Michigan. At CCM, she has been actively involved in outreach, recruiting, and organization operations. Currently, she assumes the role of VP of VCG, and Marketing and Communication. Fangting likes music, art, traveling to new places, and having interesting conversations with friends.

Huadi Zhang, Engagement Manager of the Volunteer Consulting Group

Huadi is a PhD candidate in the Division of Medical Sciences at Harvard. His research centers on genome instability in cancer, with a specific focus on tumor suppression mechanisms and how cells respond to chromosome gains or losses. He is also very interested in the interaction between science and society, and enjoys learning about new technologies and their impact. In his spare time, Huadi plays tennis, runs, and explores new places.

Joris DeSchutter, Engagement Manager of the Volunteer Consulting Group; Manager of Case Practice

Joris is a Philips Fellow of the Belgian American Educational Foundation at MIT working on the development of conceptually novel antibiotics. During his youth he was a member of the Boys Scouts Belgium, volunteering to improve the local community and he progressed to pack leader, coordinating many team efforts. During his PhD studies at McGill he was greatly involved in student life and elected as President of the Chemistry Graduate Student Society for two consecutive years. At MIT he continued his outreach efforts and co-founded the Chemistry Postdoc Association, interfacing with faculty and administration to formalize the ChemPDA and secure an annual budget. At CCM, he has been actively engaged in business discussion nights, organized case practice sessions, and participated in the 2015 MIT vs Harvard Case Competition. During his spare time, Joris enjoys reading science fiction novels and exploring everything the world has to offer: travel, good food and nature.

Stephan, Senior Adviser

Stephan is a postdoc at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory focusing on the Theory of Computing. He received a Ph.D. from ETH Zurich’s Electrical Engineering Department and an M.S. and B.S. in Mathematics (excellence program) from TU Munich. He also spent a year as a visiting fellow in Harvard. Stephan was co-President of CCM and currently serves as Senior Adviser, in particular as VP of Volunteer Consulting and VP of Business Discussion Nights. 

Lisa Hoang, Manager of Business Discussion Night and the Volunteer Consulting Group

Lisa is a product engineer with ITW. She has a M.S. in Chemistry and a B.A. in Chemistry and Biochemistry from the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to joining the CCM Executive Team, Lisa was active in Business Discussion Nights and participated in the Volunteer Consulting Group (VCG). Currently, Lisa is an Event Manager for VCG and Manager of Business Discussion Night. Outside of CCM, she is participating in the Harvard Graduate Volunteer Consulting Group. Her interests include real estate, country music, snorkeling, and amateur astronomy.

Donald Bryant, Engagement Manager of the Volunteer Consulting Group

Donald holds a B.S./M.S. degree in Biology and a B.A. in Chemistry from Emory University. He is currently a graduate student in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences program at Harvard University. Donald's research focus is understanding the molecular mechanisms that initiate and guide heart and limb regeneration. Before joining the CCM team, Donald competed in the 2015 Harvard vs. MIT case competition and participated in the Volunteer Consulting Group.

Yinying Ren, Vice President of Harvard-MIT Case Competition; Treasurer

Yinying Ren is a second-year PhD in the Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT and her research aims to develop electrochemical systems for wastewater treatment. She graduated from Northwestern University with a BS in Chemical Engineering, a minor in Biotechnology and a Kellogg Certificate in Managerial Analytics. At CCM, Yinying has participated in Business Discussion Nights and was part of the organizing team of 2015 Harvard vs. MIT Case Competition.

Reza Behrouzi, Senior Vice President of Harvard-MIT Case Competition

Mehdi Akbarian, Vice President of Harvard-MIT Case Competition; Vice President of External Relations

Geran Zhang, Vice President of Harvard-MIT Case Competition

Cornelia Kroeger, Manager of Internal Relations

Email: exec-ccm@mit.edu